Designing and building intuitive MedTech solutions that utilize advanced data, AI and ML models

We’re on the forefront of change in healthcare technology, with years of experience working alongside some of the largest innovators in the medical technology market. We help empower our clients to make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives through new advancements in hardware technology, software applications, service models, digital treatment and data.

Our MedTech capabilities and proven expertise

AI and Machine Learning Applications

We understand the transformative power of AI and ML (machine learning) in elevating diagnostic accuracy, treatment recommendations, and patient outcomes. We specialize in designing and building frontend solutions driven by AI, such as medical image analysis, medical device procedural review, and predictive analytics

Data Integration and Interoperability

Our expertise lies in seamlessly harmonizing data from diverse sources and medical equipment. It provides comprehensive, holistic views of device telemetry and patient information, enabling companies and specialists to make well-informed decisions and deliver the highest outcome.

Security and Compliance Expertise

With a deep understanding of the stringent regulatory and compliance standards, including HIPAA in the United States and GDPR in Europe, we are your trusted partner in ensuring the security and compliance of MedTech software solutions. Our experience in partnering with some of the largest firms in MedTech allows us to support your strategic focus on what matters most—improving healthcare.

Our services empower clients to offer complete, scalable MedTech products

We employ specialists across 10+ functional groups - from design and product management to engineering and QA - utilizing only the right expertise where they are required in your project roadmap.
Frontend Engineering
Backend/API Engineering
UX/UI Design & 
Product Strategy
Corporate IT 
and Architecture
Digital Transformation Strategy
Support & Maintenance
Operaations, automation and infrastructure
Medical equipment software solutions

Human-centered R&D for MedTech

In the world of Medical Technology, current medical technologies often fall short of modern demands.

To maximize the benefits of conventional innovation approaches and context-driven initiatives, medical device firms will have to integrate “Design Thinking and Design Doing” into their established R&D procedures. 

Design Thinking is a human-centric method for addressing intricate, undefined issues.

Taking into account the specific context and application, while addressing data presentation and its influence on decision-making, our expert MedTech designers can assist in crafting an elegant, intuitive user experience that allows for easy adoption and use of complex data.



Advancing technology for MedTech clients like these

Building technology that’s shaping the future of MedTech.

The growth of the MedTech industry is primarily driven by an increasing the demand for healthcare services, devices, and software that is both intuitive and complex. Advances in minimally invasive surgical techniques are leading to a greater need for specialized tools, software and robotics. 

The trend towards personalized medicine, along with the adoption of telemedicine and remote monitoring technologies, is inspiring the development of healthcare experiences to cater to individualized patient, and provide efficient delivery supported by data.


Growth interest in telehealth services.


MedTech market size by 2028

6.1% CAGR

CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from 2022 until 2030 for the U.S. MedTech Market.

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