Twist Bioscience

Synthetic DNA Production

Synthetic DNA Production

Twist Bioscience is a leading biotechnology startup based in San Francisco. They specialize in synthetic DNA, such as biodetection, functional genomics, genome engineering, drugs and biodefense, and data storage. Twist has secured over over $193 million in funding to date, and continues to grow rapidly thanks to prestigious partnerships such as Microsoft.

Scalio developed the Twist Bioscience Marketing Automation Platform and corresponding Content Management System (CMS). Completely revamping the previous site & backend, Scalio worked closely with the Twist Team to deliver a highly dynamic and customizable marketing platform from the ground up. In addition, Scalio engineered a truly unique SEO system custom for Twist. Building a serverless architecture on AWS, we leveraged cutting edge technologies like Lambda@Edge and Prerender Cloud, which rivals anything built by the competition. Pre-rendered Dynamic Content has never been crawled and served so fast and efficiently.



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I thought finding a trusted software agency to build a custom CMS platform would prove a challenge. Scalio was my diamond in the rough -- they're a professional, resourceful, and an especially talented group. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with their team and highly recommend them for anyone in need of an amazing product development group.

- Kris Corzine, Director of Growth at Twist Bioscience

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