NestJS CouchDB

A CouchDB module for NestJS

CouchDB for NestJS

NestJS CouchDB

A CouchDB module for NestJS




$ npm i @scalio/nest-couchdb nano


@scalio/nest-couchdb uses nano as a data provider for CouchDB and the Repository pattern to handle all documents related operations.

First, let's create an Entity:

import { Entity, CouchDbEntity } from '@scalio/nest-couchdb';

export class Cat extends CouchDbEntity {
  name: string;

Where cats is the CouchDB database name.

The CouchDbEntity is a base class which has some common properties:

class CouchDbEntity {
  _id: string;
  _rev: string;

Then, we need to import CouchDbModule in our ApplicationModule:

import { Module } from '@nestjs/common';
import { CouchDbModule } from '@scalio/nest-couchdb';

  imports: [
      url: 'http://localhost:5984',
      username: 'couchdb',
      userpass: 'password',
      requestDefaults: { jar: true },
export class ApplicationModule {}

In our CatsModule we need to initiate repository for our Cat entity:

import { Module } from '@nestjs/common';
import { CouchDbModule } from '@scalio/nest-couchdb';
import { CatsService } from './cats.service';
import { CatsController } from './cats.controller';
import { Cat } from './cat.entity';

  imports: [CouchDbModule.forFeature([Cat])],
  providers: [CatsService],
  controllers: [CatsController],
export class CatsModule {}

And here is the usage of the repository in the service:

import { DocumentListResponse } from 'nano';
import { Injectable } from '@nestjs/common';
import { InjectRepository, Repository } from '@scalio/nest-couchdb';
import { Cat } from './cat.entity';

export class CatsService {
    private readonly catsRepository: Repository<Cat>,
  ) {}

  findAll(): Promise<DocumentListResponse<Cat> {
    return this.catsRepository.list();


$ docker-compose up -d
$ npm test




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