Education Platform

Education Platform

Ambi is a technology company whose vision is to disrupt higher education with a fresh take on how students engage with academic content and with each other using a simple, intuitive, and centralized Learner Engagement Platform.  Ambi is the product of three years of research and more than eighteen months of development to build a Learner Engagement Platform where learning takes place without limits. The interface is as familiar as the social networks students use on a day-to-day basis, but with a tight integration to the course materials and features from Learning Management Systems like Canvas from Infrastructure, and Blackboard.

Scalio is working with the Ambi team to develop their Android app. The app is robust in functionality, and includes social feeds, post interaction, messaging, scheduling, content management, and much more. Ambi continues to build and improve their system, so look out for continued growth of the platform and user base.


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