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Advancing technology — like drones, artificial intelligence, blockchain and more — create both distinct opportunities and challenges for government and nonprofit organizations. On one hand, it makes it easier than ever to increase connection, communication and efficiency. On the other, it opens the door to additional security issues.

At Scalio, we help government and nonprofit organizations harness the power of technology for good while minimizing security vulnerabilities.

What we do

Custom CMS Development

At Scalio, we specialize in developing personalized content management systems to meet your specific needs. We can integrate functionality such as bill payment management, employment submissions, program and facility registrations and poll management to aggregate community feedback.

DevOps & SecOps

Security is a top concern for any government or nonprofit organization. We specialize in developing highly secure and compliant technology, including Section 508 of the American Disability Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), that protect sensitive information while improving accessibility.

Native & Cross-Platform Development

We have the expertise to build software and applications that serve a wide variety of public functions, including: public safety software, smart traffic and pedestrian monitoring, grants and performance management and proactive emergency management.

Advanced Analytics

We help organizations in the government and nonprofit sectors securely and efficiently collect, manage and analyze data. Our advanced analytic capabilities can be used for a wide variety of applications, including threat score calculations, forensic search, photo and video analysis to improve safety and more.

Our work in the government and nonprofit sectors

We work with a wide variety of government and nonprofit organizations to create cutting-edge technology solutions. Here are a few areas where we focus.
Government Agencies

From education to security and policy, we work with government agencies to develop government applications that are highly secure and provide easy access to information and services.

Nonprofit & Human Rights

At Scalio, part of our mission is advancing equality and justice through technology. We help nonprofit organizations and human rights cause use technology to further their missions.


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