Scalio Celebrates Its 10th Client to Be Acquired - Learn How We Transform and Accelerate Early Stage Firms

Lawrence Valenti

Lawrence Valenti


Scalio Celebrates its 10th Client Acquisition

We help founders and early stage startups accelerate growth wherever they are in their software journey

Established in San Francisco, California, Scalio was founded by entrepreneurs aspiring to help start-ups and iconic brands achieve greater impact.

From AI platforms like Blekko acquired by IBM Watson, and Automatic acquired by SiriusXM, to FinTech platforms like RiskAverter acquired by Dow Jones, and social platforms like Digg acquired by Betaworks, Scalio has made a significant contribution on the software technology and startup landscape over the past 13 years. 

With a history of crafting over 850 digital products across 30 industries, our technologists have contributed to an ecosystem of products that have not only generated billions of dollars in revenue, but have also touched the lives of hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Designing and building software platforms for iconic brands such as Uber, Intuitive Surgical, AirBnb, 23andMe, Shell and Stanford University has demonstrated the acumen and quality of our technologists.

Headlines of eBay's acquisition of Goldin Auctions last week marks a milestone that we are arguably most proud of: 

The successful acquisition of Scalio's 10th client in less than 10 years.

A testament to Scalio's partnership efficacy and strategic acumen in fostering scalable growth and opportunity, we felt it was time to share what makes Scalio's expertise truly transformative for startups and early stage firms.


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About Our Firm

At the core of Scalio's distinction in the competitive Silicon Valley landscape is its team of best-in-class technologists. The agency prides itself on employing full-time, senior-level contributors who bring with them a wealth of experience from working on widely recognized brands and products. This deep well of expertise underpins Scalio's reputation for excellence and innovation in product development.



Scalio's collaborative efforts extend to prestigious partnerships, including a notable affiliation with Google's agency program, underscoring its recognized stature within the industry. The agency's client portfolio boasts collaborations with influential stakeholders from such revolutionary firms such as Google Ventures, Uber, Microsoft, IBM-Watson, Airbnb, and even engagements with the White House, showcasing its versatile and broad-reaching impact across various sectors.




Specializing in the MedTech, FinTech, AI/ML, MarTech, and Gaming industries, Scalio expertise brings a targeted and deep-seated knowledge to each project. This specialization is particularly evident in its approach to complex fields like FinTech and MedTech, which demand rigorous compliance and security measures, while its expertise in Gaming offers data-driven design knowledge historically inaccessible to early stage firms. 




Through its comprehensive suite of services, Scalio offers clients access to over 60 full-time professionals, spanning a full spectrum of functional expertise, thus providing scalable and flexible solutions tailored to the evolving needs of startups and established firms alike.




Scalio's unique value proposition extends beyond conventional development services to include strategic staffing augmentation. This model enables clients to bolster their in-house teams with Scalio's seasoned professionals, ensuring that projects progress swiftly and efficiently from concept to market-ready products. 





Our Technology Drives Better, Faster and More Cost-Effective Results

What makes our firm so unique has been its intentional investment into productized services and proprietary platform tech-IP, which has delivered millions of dollars in value to its clients and stakeholders. 

While designing and building digital platforms for clients over the past decade, our firm has leveraged its technical expertise to create robust libraries of functionality, frameworks, databases, UI/UX, design systems, and tooling across the entire tech stack.


Today Scalio has amassed an impressive database of templates, modular web applications, and fully-customizable white-label solutions to build quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost.




Utilizing these proven, battle-tested frameworks passes value along to our clients, notably in the shortening of project timelines, reduction of quality risks, and budgetary cost-savings.





A cornerstone of Scalio's success is its active involvement in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, offering invaluable support during the fundraising process. 


Leveraging the vast experience of its leadership team, including insights from an MBA perspective, Scalio assists clients in crafting compelling narratives for venture capital pitches, emphasizing efficient capital deployment and project feasibility. 


It is not uncommon for the Managing Partners to offer advisory services to our early stage partners, and consult on fundraising. 

We even assist in the crafting of pitch decks to investors, and are frequently added as a proven development partner and key risk-mitigator.




Leverage our Silicon Valley Expertise to accelerate your digital strategy, and the growth of your early stage firm

Scalio's leadership team, boasting over 40 years of collective experience, embodies the agency's commitment to excellence, innovation, and client success. With offices in San Francisco, Newport Beach, and Atlanta, Georgia, Scalio invites potential clients and partners to engage in discussions that could shape the future of their digital product development roadmap.

In summary, Scalio exemplifies a blend of technical expertise, strategic partnerships, technical acumen, and a deep commitment to client success, positioning itself as a leading product development agency in Silicon Valley. With a proven track record of delivering impactful digital solutions and fostering growth, we're proud to continue delivering impact to iconic technology firms and visionary startups.




About Scalio

Scalio is a global digital product agency driving digital success in over 30 industries. Through expert engineering, strategy, and design, we build and scale platforms and digital experiences for global brands.

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